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Problem Solved

So that between the members of the set of integers and the members of the set of real numbers (involving decimals), it can always be paired (connected) one to one (bijective) for all members of the two set of different types of numbers.

This also has confirmed that from the left side to the right side there is an equality of numbers, that the two sets are sets with the same possible number of UNCOUNTABLE numbers.

Yes, that "Continuum Hypothesis" is FALSE.

That there is no "countless" greater than another “countless”.


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Two Infinites

Surprisingly George Cantor claims there is an infinite-2 which is greater than infinity-1.

Isn’t infinity enough innumerable? Then how can there be two kinds of infinite, where one "infinity" is greater than the second "infinity".

Yet intuitively, the infinite is pretty much weird. ...


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Okay i will try following you – 


 22 hours ago   Delete

Any cantor's diagonal trial, actually can be connected bijective, simply by understanding that both numbers can be divided. are we on the same page on this?. make a detail question. we try to slice this sharply to...


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The Same Area

Those all sets are just one set of infinite number, and we did arranging those numbers into different set of point of view, so we thought we were dealing with something different increasingly at different stage of infniity.

It’s just a set. Only they did interchange in between numbers, so i...


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The Method - Parable

What is the method for measuring that something that is innumerable can challenge another that is also innumerable?

I will give an example before going into the formal method, so that we can see the weird of the continuum hypothesis in this case.

It’s like between hot water & ice wa...


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Second Analysis

When you point to the number one, you are actually pointing to something that exists.

The question is "how wide is the “number 1" you’re pointing at?"

  • ... Of course the number 1 is the area of ​​0 to 0.999999999999999 ...
  • ...Similarly the number 2 is
    area from 0 to ...


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You have to relate math on reality. if you reject this, try with small step. consider a number must be related to a thing, otherwise we're dealing with nonsense. although someday someone accept math explaining other dimention, or relativity, still it has to do with things. there is nothing simple...


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Don't make quick conclusion on this case. you can prolong your question in this issue, so that we can synchronise understanding better on this issue – 


 22 hours ago   Delete

Consider you are holding aleph-null with full of infinities from any fields. the question is d...


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Yes but the argument is what if there are not 50^80 things. Anyway I’m not saying you couldn’t be right. No camp seems completely satisfactory – 

J Kusin

 22 hours ago

If there are no 50^80 or there is no "krohntirtoir" but the 50^80 is much more make sense to be related to "pos...


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Illusion In Math

A series of numbers is always uncountable, so how can there be a series of numbers that is more uncountable than the one that was previously uncountable?

How to measure one thing than the other when both are equal? Thus the method was found which became the root of this problem. Some have o...


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First Analysis






They thought there were points that couldn’t be connected (marked by a red cross) one to one (bijective) from left to right (from the member of the...


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The Formal Method

How can, according to George Cantor’s version, formally determine that there is an infinite series of numbers that is more infinite than another infinite?

Simply by making a relationship (connecting in) between each member of the two sets.

So, if the members of the two sets can be c...


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What About George Cantor's Diagonal?

What About George Cantor's Diagonal?

Actually, whether we are trying to do cantor’s diagonal, or multiplying power set of aleph-null, but it’s actually we are doing on the same numbers as whole numbers, as one infinity.

Although you can create multiple infinities, still we are doing on the same range.

  • It’s just that...


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I’m focusing on “overlap”. Cantors diagonal numbers don’t overlap with the ones on the list either. Even and don’t overlap odd either. Since we can order {0,1,3..} and {0,1,2,3,4…} by the time we get to 2 in the second list, we know we will never find it in the first. Both are infinite yet differ...


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New Concept of Infinity

The Concept of Infinity in the Continuum Hypothesis

This is not as commonly known, infinite value. But countless in different contexts.

However, the sequence of numbers of any type is always infinite, in the sense it's unreachable.

There are two infinite series of numbers, th...


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There is nothing weird about this kind of thinking. it's all make sense, and that's the way we must analysis math – 


 22 hours ago    Delete

Math is part of reality I’m not arguing that. I’m saying we don’t know how. The fictionalist and pure formalist do not claim how...


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An Illustration

An Illustration

It’s like when we button a shirt, so if all buttons are buttoned, it is assumed that the left and right sides are the same length.

But when the buttons don’t fit properly, so you can see that there is a longer side of the shirt. But actually THE LEFT SIDE & RIGHT SIDE IS TOTALLY THE SAME LE...


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A single finite number may be related to a banana. two finite numbers may be related to two bananas. more & more numbers may be related to more and more bananas, rocks, books, atom, and so forth. more & more infinites number then, must be related to all of possible things that fill the entire pos...


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Similar to the illustration of buttoning a shirt, only the difference is that the length is the same between the left and right sides, but on the l...


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Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram

Continuum hypothesis is failed, because of these reasons:

If we can do multiple calc on different areas of infinity and that looks like we are doing things differently, or we're dealing with different infinity, but actually we're doing at the same area, the same numbes were used interchange...


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Discussion @StackExchange

What are the useful outcomes of denying the Continuum Hypothesis?

This opens new perspective of how we think on math.


How do the integers and ...


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When someone said about "infinity" don't be tricked by the cardinality, but try seeing on infinity itself as it's expanding to the entire possible space – 


 22 hours ago   Delete

We don’t know how math relates to the physical. I can write down 50^80 yet what is the phy...


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IN GOD WE TRUST I am free not because i have choices, but i am free because i rely on God with quality assured

Beware of Illusion in Math | Denial of CH Determines that We are not Living On Discrete World

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Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram

Continuum hypothesis is failed, because of these reasons:

If we can do multiple calc on different areas of infinity and that looks like we are doing things differently, or we're dealing with different infinity, but actually we're doing at the same area, the same numbes were used interchange...






Similar to the illustration of buttoning a shirt, only the difference is that the length is the same between the left and right sides, but on the l...

How many countries in the world drive on the left?

There are 163 countries that drive on the right-hand side of the road.

A total of 78 countries and territories drive on the left. Abou...


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