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I just have shown you the one process obviously you can do changes according to you. Feel Free to do it and do share your link for the review.

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Every Tech Students Uses GitHub but unfortunately Github's Default Profile Look isn't that Good. So you can follow up this tutorial to make your profile standout!!

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Machine Learning With Google

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How Google uses logic in machine learning

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Deciding whether or not to give up

Deciding whether or not to give up

Consider these questions:

  • Do you have an obviously better opportunity?
  • What did you commit to? Predefine your commitment before starting, to not depend on momentary frustrations to make big decisions to quit or continue.
  • Would your future self feel regret or relief?

Reflect regularly

Make time for a weekly review to consider whether your planning process is working or could be tweaked. Consider these questions:

  • Are my days calm and intentional or stressful and irregular?
  • Did I complete all my daily planning sessions or skip some?

Develop a set of questions

...  to ask yourself during your weekly review:

  • How do I feel I did this week overall?
  • What enabled me to reach my goals this week?
  • Has anything stopped me from reaching my goals this week?
  • How can I improve for next week?
  • ...

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