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A single finite number may be related to a banana. two finite numbers may be related to two bananas. more & more numbers may be related to more and more bananas, rocks, books, atom, and so forth. more & more infinites number then, must be related to all of possible things that fill the entire possible space. this is the consequence of following the logic behind math – 


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IN GOD WE TRUST I am free not because i have choices, but i am free because i rely on God with quality assured

Beware of Illusion in Math | Denial of CH Determines that We are not Living On Discrete World

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Okay i will try following you – 


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Any cantor's diagonal trial, actually can be connected bijective, simply by understanding that both numbers can be divided. are we on the same page on this?. make a detail question. we try to slice this sharply to...

I’m focusing on “overlap”. Cantors diagonal numbers don’t overlap with the ones on the list either. Even and don’t overlap odd either. Since we can order {0,1,3..} and {0,1,2,3,4…} by the time we get to 2 in the second list, we know we will never find it in the first. Both are infinite yet differ...

There is nothing weird about this kind of thinking. it's all make sense, and that's the way we must analysis math – 


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Math is part of reality I’m not arguing that. I’m saying we don’t know how. The fictionalist and pure formalist do not claim how...

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