Affinity for Avalanche - Deepstash
Aave V3 Depositors Can Pocket Avalanche Token Rewards - The Defiant

Aave V3 Depositors Can Pocket Avalanche Token Rewards - The Defiant

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Affinity for Avalanche

Now at $4.21B, Aave V3 stands as the No. 1 ranking DeFi protocol in TVL terms on Avalanche, according to DeFiLlama. Despite the near-50% drop, Aave’s V2 on the chain ranks second at the $2.65B mark. 

Benqi , another lending protocol native to Avalanche, sits in third on the blockchain in TVL terms at $1.61B. 

Jump in Deposits

Jump in Deposits

Of course those yields are highly variable and have been diluted in the past day as more users supply liquidity to Aave’s V3 deployment on Avalanche — a tweet by Stablecoin Yields on Apr. 19 shows yields of 61% for USDT, above 38% for DAI, and over 17% for USDC.

Indeed, data provider DeFi Llama shows an jump in deposits into Aave V3 deployment on Avalanche — total value locked jumped from $6.39M on Apr. 19 to $1.01B. That’s well over a hundred fold increase in a day, which shows how responsive the market is to incentives (and how quickly the resulting yields get diluted).

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DeFi 2.0 was expected to provide an alternative for paying out tokens in exchange for deposits. Compound Finance may cut rewards . In other parts of DeFi, the money is still flowing. 

Avalanche and Fantom

Ava Labs is the primary company developing the Avalanche blockchain’s ecosystem. Lending protocol Aave launched its V3 last month on both Avalanche and Fantom. 

the AVAX rewards were part of Avalanche Rush, a $180M incentive program launched last August . The rewards aren’t eye-popping by DeFi standards — as of April 20, the highest APY offered is 9.94% for people who deposit AVAX (and earn AVAX rewards on top of that). Among stablecoins USDT provides the best APY with 6.44% with over half of that coming from the AVAX incentives. 

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