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Bitcoin offers its users many advantages over fiat money and the traditional banking system (see: Why Buy Bitcoin? ). But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t also parts of the legacy banking system which you might miss when you make the switch to BTC. Anybody old enough to have had a bank account prior to the 2008 financial crisis might have fond memories of something called ‘interest’ for example…


5 Ways To Earn Interest On Bitcoin & Altcoins


has officially begun with $650+ Million in incentives, the largest DeFi Blue Chip protocols launching on Avalanche, Coinbase listing, cheaper fees, tech upgrades and we are just barely scratching the surface of its potential and with so much to look forward to in the coming weeks and months.

If you thought the growth of Avalanche was staggering with 335 Projects in the first 12 months and over $5.5 Billion in TVL on just the C-Chain, then the network effects when there are thousands of customised blockchains built on Avalanche and all interoperable will be profound.


Avalanche Looks Set for Exponential Growth with Subnets, Enterprise Partnerships, Defi Blue Chips…