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That Smokey Flavour

That Smokey Flavour

  • When foods are exposed to heat for prolonged periods of time, non-carbon atoms in the food break down, leaving behind the crispy, black carbon.
  • Cooking over the direct heat of a barbecue allows you to add just the amount of char to match your taste, but some of the chemicals in charred meat are known carcinogens.
  • When smoke comes in contact with food, the components of the smoke can get absorbed.  
  • One way to use chemistry to make food smokier is to periodically spray it with water during the barbecuing process.


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Cooking With Fire: The Chemistry Of Bar-Be-Que

Cooking With Fire: The Chemistry Of Bar-Be-Que

The mere thought of barbecue's smokey scents and intoxicating flavors is enough to get most mouths watering. However, there is a lot of chemistry that sets barbecue apart from other cooking methods and results in such a delicious experience.  

 Cooking is the process of using high ...


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