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First Principles

First Principles

First Principle:

A basic assumption that cannot be deduced any further. 

Reasoning from first principles simply means understanding the basics of an idea (subject). Understanding the basic principles allows you to have a broader sense of how the idea can be applied. Focusing on the function, not the form.


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Applying First Principles

Applying First Principles

• Break down the problem to its basic parts and build from there this allows you to add on an effective solution (idea)

• Optimize the function , ignore the form

Obsess over the basics to master the details


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A method to understanding problems and how to solve them.

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First Principle

First Principle

A first principle is a basic assumption that cannot be deduced any further. 

A first principle a foundational proposition or assumption that stands alone. We cannot deduce first principles from any other proposition or assumption.

Reasoning by first principles removes the impurity of assumptions and conventions. What remains is the essentials. 

Getting to a deeper understanding of a subject

Getting to a deeper understanding of a subject

  • Understanding the basics. This is a key element of effective thinking. Understanding a simple idea deeply builds a solid foundation for complex ideas.
  • Build your foundation. Be honest with what you really know by using the Feynman Technique (by tea...

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