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The Three Levels Of Human Consciousness

The Three Levels Of Human Consciousness

There are three levels of human consciousness, based on the computation that happens in the brain.

  • The first, which they labeled "C0," represents calculations that happen without our knowledge, such as during facial recognition, and most AI functions at this level.
  • The second level, "C1," involves a so-called "global" awareness of information — in other words, actively sifting and evaluating quantities of data to make an informed, deliberate choice.
  • Self-awareness emerges in the third level, "C2," in which individuals recognize and correct mistakes and investigate the unknown.

AI And Consciousness

AI And Consciousness

What exactly might "consciousness" mean for AI in the real world?

Philosophers have described consciousness as having a unique sense of self coupled with an awareness of what’s going on around you.

However, applying those rules to AI is tricky.

Sophisticated AI systems use deep learning to solve computational tasks quickly, using networks of layered algorithms that communicate with each other to solve more complex problems.

Consciousness for AI would mean that neural networks could make those initial choices themselves, deviating from the programmers' intentions and doing their own thing.

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