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Continuity Of The Cause


🧩 The continuity of the cause is the resistance of the function in maintaining its consistency as a function, so that if there is no continuity of effect, then the function exist as long as the continuity of the cause


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IN GOD WE TRUST I am free not because i have choices, but i am free because i rely on God with quality assured

Einstein Was Not Wrong

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 What Came Before The Big Bang ?

What Came Before The Big Bang ?

  • Most massive objects – like black holes – can warp space-time so violently that time itself stops.
  • By following the “chain of causality” back to its furthest point, we can prove the Big Bang couldn’t have a cause because time didn’t exist.

Cause And Effect

Incomplete stories are filled automatically by the brain, as we have an urge to find meaning in everything. We also tend to believe the simplest explanations. Stories need to be shown a linear cause and effect for the reader to stay interested. If there are too many effects, the effect is lost.

True Infinite

Whether in practice (actual) or conceptual (potential) or in any case, there is no infinity. There is only "NOT LIMITED BY "

  • Axiom: something can’t transcend beyond itself without additional assertion

If there is an infinite set, then the boundary...

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