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Old Level Of Reasoning

Then why do the two sides insist that they are the most correct ❓Where is the misunderstanding between the two sides ❓ Or it's not a misunderstanding but a failure to understand in between both ❓


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IN GOD WE TRUST I am free not because i have choices, but i am free because i rely on God with quality assured

Einstein Was Not Wrong

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Somewhere Between Black And White

Most narcissists do not fall in the two extremes of angels (zero narcissism) or demons (impairing disorder) but are somewhere in between, a grey area where they exhibit a certain level of narcissism. This makes diagnosis difficult in most cases.

Psychologists have identified two broad ...

Looking at the whole picture

While it is important to look the the details we shouldn't forget that the whole picture is important as well.

People who have higher emotional intelligence act with a high degree of self-awareness. They are able to see both sides and understand the situation of both sides.

Most people can learn to sing

Most people can learn to sing

According to a Canadian study, about 98.5% of people can be taught how to sing. The 1,5% that can't sing suffer from congenital amusia, where they have difficulty differentiating between different pitches, tones, or rhythms.

If at first, a person sings a note incorrectly, ...

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