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5. Celebrate your success

While the ultimate goal is to accomplish the task, it is important you celebrate progress and reward yourself accordingly. The benchmarks give you the objective opportunity to track and acknowledge your progress. Reminding yourself of the "why" keeps you motivated. And taking the time to acknowledge your progress gives you the inspiration to keep at it.

When you condition yourself through the habit of right action and begin to finish what you start, you will be on your way to a completely renewed, refreshed, enhanced and expeditious journey toward lasting success .


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Introverted Extravert

5 Simple Tips to Help You Finish What You Start

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Behavioral Economics, Explained

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How to make rational decisions

The role of biases in decision-making

The impact of social norms on decision-making

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Celebrate Your Success

Celebrate Your Success

Reward yourself and celebrate the goals you accomplish, and the milestones you complete.

Celebrate Progress

Celebrate Progress

Many writers don’t celebrate when they succeed because they get too eager to pursue their next goal.

To cement writing as a habit in your life, reward yourself each time you do it, celebrating the fact you are making progress, the fact that you are creating, celebrate that you are...

Reflect and Celebrate Success

Reflect on your performance at the end of each day/week. Ask yourself, “Why haven’t I managed to complete the task I have set for today?” and then revise your plan for the following day/week accordingly.  

To make the celebration of success part of your routine, decide on a...

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