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How To Start Over: Reboot Your Life

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How To Start Over: Reboot Your Life

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Identify the obstacles standing in your way

Being consistent with your new habits will give you the results you’re after and keep you inspired to keep going. Until you hit a wall. Here, you’ll get stuck.

It happens, and it will happen. Your body will adapt to your new workout program. Your new daily routine will eventually feel mundane and boring, causing your motivation to take a dip. Or maybe you’ll experience a huge setback, leaving you feeling down and confused.

This is when you’ll need to diagnose the problem, regroup and fix it. Your priority? Figure out how to work your way around this thing that’s standing in your way so you can keep moving forward on your new path.


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How to start over: Work up the courage to do it

How to start over: Work up the courage to do it

It’s OK to feel terrified about heading into new, unchartered territory. It’d be weird if you didn’t.

But know that this is the point where you start putting one foot in front of the other regardless of how you feel, or chicken out and retreat into your cave.



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It's ok to start over

It's ok to start over

Life’s not one big Hallmark movie where everything’s pretty, shiny, and happy all the time: Shitty things happen to good people, relationships break up all the time, anxiety and depression can tighten their grip, and addictions have the power to break the strongest among us.

But on...


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How to start over: Make peace with reality and work with, not against it

How to start over: Make peace with reality and work with, not against it

We often get stuck in life because we’re either unable or unwilling to accept our reality as it is. Instead, we stubbornly continue to indulge in fantasy, specifically, how we wish things were.

This is where you’ll need to get real with yourself, no matter how unpleasant i...


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Decide what you want to do next

‘Decision’ comes from the Latin word decisio, which literally means “to cut off”.

But while picking one path means cutting yourself off from all others, it doesn’t mean that you can’t course-correct later on by choosing a different one if things don’t work out or feel right.


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Get a mentor

Get a mentor

When you’re trying to rebuild a new foundation for your life — and preferably a rock-solid one — you’ll need some help in the form of guidance from a mentor who’s done it before.

This person could be someone who’s achieved a goal you’ve set your sights on, has reinvented themselves succ...


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Start with cleaning up the space you live in

To build something good, you’ll need good daily habits. But to turn a new, unfamiliar action into a daily habit, you’ll need to do everything you can to reduce the odds that you’ll give up, particularly when you hit a speed bump.

One of the best ways to do this is to set up your env...


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Overcome your fear of being wrong

So you’ve taken a couple of wrong turns and ended up getting burned. Now, you’re afraid to make mistakes and have developed the habit of doubting yourself, over-analyzing every move you’re thinking of making, and hesitating mid-step.

Here’s something you need to know: Mistakes are n...


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Design a plan to eliminate these obstacles

Design a plan to eliminate these obstacles

  • It could mean adding or subtracting something (or someone) from your life.
  • It could mean making the tiniest tweak to your diet.
  • It could mean switching jobs, yet again.
  • It could mean changing your thoughts or how you talk to yourself.


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Reflect on what and where you went wrong

No one starts out planning to fail or creating a disaster. But somehow, we end up taking one or several wrong steps along the way and find ourselves on a painful path we never expected to be in.

Whether these missteps were driven by ego, a lack of awareness, miscalculation, denial, or simpl...


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Revisit your goals and values

Revisit your goals and values

You may have an idea of where you’d like to go: Run it through a stress test:

  • How do you want to live? 
  • Does your idea align with your values?
  • What are your values anyway?
  • What will you do if someone close to you disagrees or tries...


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Clinical molecular geneticist

It's never too late to start over and build the life you want, on your own terms.

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