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4. Mentor and Mentee

4. Mentor and Mentee

Mentor and mentee is the highest form of work relationship that you can ever have. A mentor is the one you go to for guidance regarding your career. They help you during your most difficult problems. On the other hand, your mentee is someone who seeks advice from you.


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|| There's no end of feeling good or bad, be careful for your soul ||

These tips are really important when it comes to maintain work life balance.

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Mentor #3: The Copilot

Mentor #3: The Copilot

Mentors are not just someone you look up to, but someone who could be by your side supporting and advising you. It's more than just a mentor-mentee relationship, because both of you are committed to assist and collaborate with each other.

" Mentor " is not a relationship category

" Mentor " is not a relationship category

  • A mentor is someone who knows more than you or has vast experiences from which you can learn.
  • Many people wait to formally confer the title "mentor" before they begin a relationship.

In reality, this connection doesn't require a purity test to confirm the mentor/ment...

Your mentor cannot address all aspects of life

A mentor should have knowledge to share, advice on certain experiences, personal stories relevant to yours, or ways of thinking that can influence your decision-making and problem-solving.

But rarely will a mentor be your confidante, emotional support system, knowledge base, brainstorm...

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