Letting Go of a Narcissistic Parent: Shock and Numbness - Deepstash
Letting Go of a Narcissistic Parent: Shock and Numbness

Letting Go of a Narcissistic Parent: Shock and Numbness

According to Bowlby and Parkes, grief commences with shock and numbness. Children of narcissists may be so numbed to the world around them due to the pressures that are put on them by their parents, they may not realize that their parents and their relationships are not like those of peers at first. Children of narcissists may already be emotionally shut down due to the parent’s controlling and demanding behavior.


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My Name is LaNa' I'm a Child of God, Mother of four, A beautiful single outgoing woman, Survivor of Domestic Violence, On the rise to my greatness, building Surviving with Hope. Transforming the lives of oth others.

I'm a survivor of Abuse

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