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What Anime Has To Say

It’s no exaggeration to say anime has taught us more about life than school ever will. Like the importance of setting goals, and following your own path.

The most you learn in school is how to count numbers, subtract, add and multiply.

But anime will teach you things no school will dare to teach. Because it’s not within their best interests.

1. Your time is limited, so start working on your goals TODAY

You’re human so it means you’re not invincible.

People die everyday, and someday we’re going to die too. So start working on AND thinking about what you want to accomplish. Or you might regret it later.

2. Kindness starts with making a decision

How many people use their “pain” as an excuse to hurt others?

Just because you’re “life is hard” doesn’t mean it’s OK to inflict your pain onto others, just to make yourself feel better. Instead – choose to be kind. Either way it all starts with a decision, and kindness will almost always make you feel better than the alternative.

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