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Develop a system that drives performance.

“The idea of weekly metrics is to keep your team on track with achieving results in real time. Accountants tend to be skeptical of this approach because they are used to measuring performance retrospectively, when all the information is in for the month or the quarter.”

Analyze your financial targets and break them into weekly parameters for different roles and employees. This can include creating a scoreboard for senior executives and departments. Construct a game out of reaching your targeted metrics, and encourage your employees to win every week and every quarter.


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Five Principles That Take Your Business to the Top of the Mountain.Steve Preda and Gregory Cleary designed their Pinnacle Business Guides as manuals to aid entrepreneurs in creating personal business operating systems. Every business has unique characteristics, so every company’s operating system will also differ. Preda and Cleary highlight the elements such a system requires and explain what kinds of businesses will benefit from utilizing it. Both new entrepreneurs and executives will find potentially helpful ideas, information and insights in their manual.

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