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Aligning with what the world needs

Aligning with what the world needs

Finding your Ikigai also means aligning with what the world needs. What problems can you solve? How can you make a difference in the world? By finding a way to use your passion and strengths to make a positive impact, you can find true fulfillment.


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Public Speaking, Coaching, Counseling, Mindfulness & Autogenic Training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Computer Engineering, Osteopathy, Traditional Chinese & Ayurvedic Medicine, Asian Languages and culture, Music & Art Therapy, Nada Yoga, Spiritualism

Are you feeling lost or lacking direction in life? Are you unsure of what your purpose is or what you truly value? The Ikigai method is a powerful tool to help you discover your true self and find meaning and fulfillment in your life.

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Systematic approach

Systematic approach

Most people jump straight from finding a problem to attempting to solve it.

Having a systematic approach to how you deal with problems, as opposed to just going by gut and feelings, can make a big difference in how you creatively find answers to your obstacles.

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  • A "passion mindset" focuses on what the world can offer to you - what perfect job can you find to fit your passions? This often leads to confusion and wandering from job to job.
  • A "craftsman mindset" focuses on what you can offer the world in whate...

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