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Trust in the power of intuition and the universe

Trust in the power of intuition and the universe

Trusting in the power of intuition and the universe means that individuals should trust their inner voice and intuition and believe that the universe is guiding them toward their spiritual journey.


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I have a deep love for literature, music, and poetry.

Self-discovery is a crucial process of introspection and self-exploration that enables individuals to understand their true identity, values, beliefs, and purpose, leading to personal growth and fulfillment.

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5. Deepening Trust

Over time, people continue to rely on their intuition and see consistent results. Their trust in intuition deepens as they develop a sense of inner knowing and become more attuned to the subtle signals and messages from their intuition.

The power of intuition

Maybe you’ve met someone new and instantly felt a sense of unease, though they haven’t done anything wrong. Or perhaps, you’ve sensed tension in a room the moment you walked into it.

These feelings don’t happen by accident. They’re your intuition picking up on subtle cues that your consciou...

The role of intuition in decision-making

When making decisions, using your intuition is not essentially good or bad; this depends on multiple factors, such as the circumstances at hand and the way you use your intuition.

While you should be willing to use your intuition where necessary, you should assess the situation first, ...

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