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Gandhi's philosophy of life, centered around truth, nonviolence, and self-growth, offers timeless wisdom and guidance for individuals seeking personal and societal transformation. By embracing these principles, we can strive to create a more harmonious and just world, starting with our own lives and radiating outward to impact others.

Remember, getting your sh*t together is an ongoing process. It requires self-awareness, commitment, and consistent effort. Use these insights as a starting point to kickstart positive change in your life. You have the power to take control and create the life you want.

The inner critic is a voice in our head that constantly criticizes, belittles, and judges us. It can be a cruel and deeply damaging force, but fortunately, there are numerous effective strategies for weakening its power.

Disagreements don’t have to divide us. Let’s approach them with respect and an open mind, and see what we can learn from each other

Marjun Rey Loretero


I have a deep love for literature, music, and poetry.


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