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Embrace Computational Thinking

Embrace Computational Thinking

Develop algorithmic thinking skills to break down complex problems into simpler, manageable parts. By understanding the steps and logic needed to solve a problem, you can create efficient solutions.


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A deep thinker and a big enthusiast of technology.

With the growth of technology over the past years, it is essential for us to understand how we can utilize these tools into our workflow instead of trying to fight innovation.

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Structured thinking

Structured thinking

With structured thinking, you methodically break down problems and solve them bit by bit.

It's your ability to use logic, practice deduction, and build a big answer by asking many small questions.

Convergent  and divergent thinking

Convergent and divergent thinking

  • Convergent thinking. When we want to solve a problem, we tend to look for useful facts to guide us to the correct answer. This type of thinking works well when the problem is straightforward and requires a reasonable solution.
  • Divergent thinking. F...

Applying convergent and divergent thinking

How to apply convergent and divergent thinking in seven steps:

  1. Assess the situation
  2. Explore the vision
  3. Frame the challenges
  4. Explore ideas
  5. Create solutions
  6. Explore acceptance
  7. Create a plan

It takes time to develop cr...

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