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Our senses are not enough to fully understand what's happening in the universe but we have enough senses to appreciate the life that we have.

Being mindful has been a great help for me to put myself back on track. By being more aware of what's in the present changed the way I view life as it is.

Mindfulness offer actionable methods to boost my creativity and cultivate a more innovative mindset. By adopting mindfulness and incorporating it into my daily life, I can unlock my inner genius, resulting in personal growth and enhanced problem-solving skills in various aspects of my life.

I started my own clothing line back in 2018 when I was broke and had no resources. My knowledge about the system to create a successful business and the vision that I have made it all possible. Below are the things you need to consider especially if you're broke and have no artistic ability.

I believe that each and everyone has traumas and that's okay. Here are some of the things that I did myself to cope.

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