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Accepting Your Flaws

Accepting Your Flaws

It's important for everyone in this world to improve themselves in their life. Accepting our flaws is the most essential thing to do for improving ourselves. We should learn to improve ourselves from our flaws this makes us feel happy once we improve ourselves.


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Life is to live happy

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Accepting Yourself

Accepting Yourself

In a world striving for perfection, Buddhist monk Haemin Sunim's wisdom shows us how only by accepting ourselves and the flaws which make us who we are, can we create compassionate and fulfilling relations with o...

Where Does The Inverted Curve Apply?

  1. Control- The more we accept our feelings and impulses instead of controlling them, the more we’re able to direct and process them.
  2. Freedom- It’s only by limiting ourselves–by choosing and committing to certain things in life–that we truly exercise ou...

The two states of being: surviving and thriving

  • Surviving. It is looking after our basic need for food, shelter, and companionship.
  • Thriving. This state attempts to make something of ourselves beyond meeting our basic needs. This state makes us feel like we are living up to our true self, to our...

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