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  • Concept Mapping - This is similar to mind mapping. It involves mapping the relationships between different concepts or ideas. Concept maps can help you to understand and represent complex systems and processes.
  • Synthesizing & Summarizing - This involves condensing and simplifying info to better understand and remember it. You may use techniques such as highlighting, underling or creating summary notes.

These tools and techniques help you capture, organize and use your knowledge and information more effectively.


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The Man with a 'WHY' can conquer any 'HOW'

Building a Second Brain

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Study Tips for Visual Learners

  • Color Code. Assign color to common themes in your lectures, when highlighting information.
  • Organize your notes by compiling handouts, putting tabs, writing neatly, using outlines, to make your notes appealing.
  • Study the Graphics. Use charts and graphics i...

Learning how to learn

Learning how to learn is a meta-skill. It is a critical skill for everyone who needs to pick up and master new concepts frequently.

Understanding what is learning and how our memory works will help you understand why certain techniques work and how to use and adapt the techniques to your ad...

Everyday Memorization Techniques

  • Make new connections that are visual (and perhaps outrageous): Turn the sound of names into a visual representation and anchor it to a physical picture of whatever you want to remember; Animate the images to easily remember them; Engage as ma...

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