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5. Competition

5. Competition

Lastly, never underestimate the amount of competition, just do simple keyword research and look at how many videos exists for that certain keyword, look at how many blogs and articles exists, competition is a lot harder than you may expect, so the question is not, how do you get away from the competition, the question is that how do you stand out from the competition.


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Search Volume

Keyword search volume refers to how many times a keyword is searched for in a search engine during a certain time frame (usually a month). 

The higher is the search volume of the keyword, the more visitors you’ll get if you rank for that keyword.  

Knowing the search volume helps you ...

How to Stand Out from the Crowd with Your Marketing Strategy

With so much competition for attention online, many marketing and sales teams are rightly asking themselves how they can make their brand stand out from the crowd?

The key is making your brand shine one person at a time through personalization.

Designing The Essay Plan

  • Start with a question.
  • Use Google to get as much information as you can about that particular question (articles, review papers, everything that could answer your question). Keep all the information in a research document.

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