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Hush .. It's Sunday!

Hush .. It's Sunday!

Between 1928 - 1945 there was a generation that lived a silent life, they call it the Silent generation a generation that out lived and survived horrific events that shaped and impacted our world till the very current moment, it's a generation the witnessed the great depression, world war 2, and the post war boom.

Such a generation was called the Silent one as they were born in an era that raised children only to be seen, not heard, a child is expected to follow and obey, that's why some of their greatest traits are loyality, conservativity, and loyalty.


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It's harder to ask the right question than to answer a hard one

A riveting exploration of diverse cohorts, each with its own quirks and character. From the Silent Generation to Generation Z, prepare to embark on a brief through time, unearthing the traits, behaviors, and cultural impacts that define these fascinating human waves. So buckle up, dear reader, as we delve into the captivating world of generational dynamics.

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