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Positive Mindset

Embrace a positive mind-set by not assuming your request will be met with a “no.” Overcome expectations of rejection by repeating a simple mantra: “It’s not my job to decide if it’s a no.” Deal with individuals, not their positions of power. If you’re presenting to powerful people, connect with one or two of them. CEOs are people, too.


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Actionable tips and strategies to boost your confidence.

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Criticizing Others Doesn’t Yield Anything Positive

We aren’t able to make real changes by criticizing people, and we’re instead often met with resentment. It’s important to remember that when dealing with people, we’re dealing not with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion, who are motivated by pride and ego.


Disappointment As Part of Life

Disappointment As Part of Life

Disappointment is a part of life that comes up when hopes or expectations aren’t met. All of us feel disappointment at times in our relationships, in other people, and in ourselves. It’s not an easy feeling to sit with, but there are healthy (and unhealthy) ways to cope with this...

Mantras Against Anxiety

  1. Try starting a phrase with “I am” followed by an adjective and repeat slowly, as a set of three. Ex: “I am at peace”.
  2. Remind yourself that nothing lasts forever by repeating "this too will pass" in rhythm with your breath.
  3. Fit the following affirmation t...

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