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Next to each item in your 'avoid' list, jot down particular measures to introduce friction. Conversely, list actions to eliminate friction for the things you want to do.


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Do you find it challenging to initiate your dream project? Are you frequently postponing essential activities until later in the day? Do you find yourself easily distracted by external factors, leading to feelings of dissatisfaction and anxiety? Instead of commencing your day with a significant task, do you find yourself first checking your emails or the number of likes on your most recent Instagram post?

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Shop With a List

Shop With a List

To keep impulse shopping from taking hold of your budget, make a habit of shopping with a list. Jot down everything you need, and then only shop for those items.

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Write accomplishments and plan what‘s next.

Write accomplishments and plan what‘s next.

At the end of the day, jot down 2-3 things you accomplished that day and 2-3 other things you plan to do tomorrow. Then expand the list to more things. Create a schedule in advance so you will hit the ground running each day.

Getting Things Done: the basics

  • Capture. Write down everything you need to do.
  • Clarify. Break down each task into an actionable next step. 
  • Organize. Move each of those actionable tasks onto a specific list: E.g: Action: Things to do next, Waiting For: Tasks or projects you’ve delega...

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