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The Circle of Safety

The Circle of Safety

The Circle of Safety refers to a feeling of security & belonging that is essential for human beings to thrive. When we feel safe, we are more likely to take risks, be creative, and innovate. This is because we are not worried about our own survival, so we can focus on helping the team succeed.

The first step to being a good leader is understanding that an organization is essentially a Circle of Safety. The people's insecurities vanish inside thisCircle, but a bad leader will inevitably shrink or fracture it into multiple small ones.


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Between 7 days and 7 years

Between 7 days and 7 years

How Long Does It Take to Trust Someone? We can never trust someone right away. Meeting a person for the first time naturally releases dopamine that masks how we actually feel about that person until the novelty fades; this is why we shouldn't get married after a week. Conversely,...


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5 Rules for Leaders to create a Circle of Safety

The basic leadership rules for creating a safe environment for the team to thrive:

  1. Start with why. Have a clear and compelling purpose to communicate to the team. 
  2. Build trust. Create a culture of trust & respect where people feel safe to be th...


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Authority & Integrity

Authority & Integrity

Leaders have the vision and should delegate the authority to the ones with the information, that they can trust.

Trust requires integrity - the capacity of someone to consistently adhere to some moral values.


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Rules are Not Infalable

Rules are Not Infalable

Rules keep our society moving forward. It helps leader maintain a Circle of Safety and so on. However rules must to be trusted not obeyed. And most of us obey the rules ... out of fear. This is the reason we often hate bureaucrats. They always follow the rules and never show the human side ou...


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What does it mean that leaders eat last?

What does it mean that leaders eat last?

"Leaders eat last" refers to a common practice in the military, where the highest-ranking officers are often the last to eat, ensuring that their subordinates are fed first. This is a symbolic gesture that shows that the leaders are willing to put the needs of their team members ...


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We don’t just trust people to obey the rules, we also trust that they know when to break them.



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Destructive Abundance

Destructive Abundance

"Destructive Abundance" is the state where protecting the results is prioritised above protecting those who produce the results.

Companies get in this state because the leaders only care about the score but forgot why they decided to play the game in the first place. Challe...


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Those at the top have all the authority and none of the information.

Those at the bottom have all the information and none of the authority.



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Diplomatic Services operational officer

What it means to be a leader

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Finally, the “circle of life” can be used as a foundational template for implementing awareness into our daily life.

The circle of life consists of 3 concentric circles. The inner (green-coloured) core is the place where we feel safe, content and connected; the outer (red-coloured) ...

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