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6. Confidence building:

Instead of saying "I'm terrible at presentations," try saying "Emily, you are prepared and capable. You will deliver this presentation with confidence."


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This helps you understand how to navigate your thoughts, emotions, and behavior when they don't align to your values and true desires using third party words.

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Short and Shareable

Short and Shareable

Overly long presentations will make the audience frustrated, this is backed by research. Instead, why not strip down the information to its basics, and decide your time frame around that.

If the presentation can't be shortened, incorporate breaks at regular intervals to ask questions or a...

Dismissing praise

Some people will water down a compliment by saying, "It was nothing..." or "It could be better..."

These responses are dismissive of the person giving the compliment. Instead, thank the individual and add, " I'm glad you like it." When you're thanked, instead of just sayin...

Don't focus on being calm

We feel compelled to memorise because public speaking makes us nervous, making us worse at remembering a memorised script.

Research shows that being excited can improve performance and confidence.

  • Try to flip your inner anxiety dialogue to excitement, such as...

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