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Bend, Don't Break

Bend, Don't Break

Adaptability isn't just a mental trait. Incorporating routines from specialized stretching programs can enhance your physical adaptability, ensuring you're always ready for life's curveballs.


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Maximize the potential of the most powerful tool; the body.

Level up your wellness journey! Discover more and share your golden nuggets of wisdom below!

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3 steps to transitioning

3 steps to transitioning

  • Start with willpower. Willpower in a moment is much more reliable than willpower over long stretches of time (In some cases you just need to force yourself through a moment to get to the other side).
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6. Nurture yourself

6. Nurture yourself

When you're stressed, it can be all to easy to neglect you own needs. lsoing your appetite, ignoring exercise, and not getting enough sleep are all common reactions to a crisis situiation.

  • Instead, focus on building self-nurturance skills, even when you are trouble...

Exercise, music and meditation

It can be helpful to do some physical exercise a little while before giving a talk. This wakes up your body, releases tension, and gets the creative juices flowing.

You can also listen to music that inspires or excites you. And then, just before you're ready to go on stag...

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