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2. Application Proficiency:As an educator, assessing a person's

The ability to apply the knowledge to solve problems or address real-world situations indicates a practical understanding of the subject matter.


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Broader skills benefit more from theory

Direct practice is not the opposite of deep understanding.

A naive approach to mastering, for example, physics problems, is to continue practising exam questions. But practising limited exam questions is not the same as the range of problems you will find in the real world...

How to build general skills

How to build general skills

People that develop expertise in multiple areas are able to solve a wide range of problems.

The key is to gain broadly valuable skills:

  • Breadth comes from specificity. General skills are built from large libraries of specific knowledge.

The knowledge gap

The knowledge gap

It's the pursuit of more information, skills, experience, education or practical understanding of a subject before taking action.

We often hide behind knowledge acquisition and use learning as an excuse to delay the more important choice of actually doing something.

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