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Having said that, I don’t mean to bash those last few years of “fun” and “carefree” times. Despite all the trauma that high school gave me (that’s a topic for another time) I’m still grateful for some of the lessons that I learnt.

Not education based lessons though, cause all that I learnt in high school was trash. That’s right, I’m not actually going to dissect a flower or use integration in real life. I’m going to be very honest when I say this – I didn’t actually pay too much attention to my lessons, obviously I passed with half decent grades, but I don’t find my life much different from when I was the “top of the class” student. But I’ve digressed here.


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Hi! I'm Anu, 18 year old in love with reading, writing and being creative. I also love music and arts and crafts. The idea of spreading love, peace and happiness around keeps me going ♥️

Being a highschool student was a very *interesting* time of my life. Full of ups and downs (to put it nicely). But I will be forever grateful for some of the lessons those experiences taught me .

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