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2) Quality time

2) Quality time

If your partner has quality time as their primary language then you need to set aside time every day to give your partner your undivided attention. Sitting on a couch and watching some series together does not count as quality time.

Quality time is about looking at each other and talking. It means taking a walk with just two of you Or Going out to eat and looking at each other and discussing trivial matters of day to day of life.

When we sit together for 20 minutes and give each other undivided attention. We’re giving each other 20 minutes of life, we will never have those 20 minutes again


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A Romanticist who is trying to understand this world by reading books. You can also follow me on YouTube, I post there quite often.

I have read five books on love and relationships and this is the most practical book I have come across so far. Like it doesn't preach love should be this and that. All those abstract meaningless words that are not practical at all. It is so good that you can apply the things given in the book in your real life and expect good results.

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Quality Time

Quality Time

Love and affection are expressed through this love language when someone gives someone else their undivided attention. This means putting down the cell phone and turning off the tablet, making eye contact and actively listening. People with this love language are looking for quality over quantity...

Schedule Some Worry Time

Schedule 20 minutes a day just for worrying. Briefly acknowledge worries that come outside that timeframe, but only give them your full attention during your scheduled worry time.

This helps you to break the chain of frequent worrying you experience throughout the day. 

3. Small Sacrifices Can Signal Commitment.

3. Small Sacrifices Can Signal Commitment.

A healthy relationship includes two givers, who each give to each other and the relationship in small ways that matter. These small sacrifices are day-to-day indicators that a person is willing to put the partner or relationship first.

If you are seeing someone and considering...

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