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Choice Is Freedom To You And Others Too

Choice Is Freedom To You And Others Too

  • Choice is freedom. Anyone who tries to limit or take away your choice is consciously or unconsciously trying to take away your freedom.
  • While we cannot control another, we can control ourselves.
  • Give yourself the most awesome gift you can give by vowing to never squander your freedom of choice. And to never squander others of their freedom to make their own choices too.
  • Have patience with yourself, have confidence in yourself.
  • Let yourself become excited about the possibilities of what having choice in your life could eventually create or bring into your daily experience.


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Truly resonating with this article - I am appreciating the people around me for always giving me the freedom to make my own choices. I can also see how living a life that I chose myself has also empowered others to have the courage to follow their passion too. Choice is indeed freedom, in many ways. ❤️ Having the courage to start making our own choices, and to realise that we do have the power to choose in our own lives is indeed empowering. ❤️ We chose our stretch. 😊

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