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This was the first book that I picked up when I was inspired to kickstart my own entrepreneurship journey many years ago. Still so useful and meaningful until today, these points delve deeper into the practical strategies and mindset shifts recommended by Jack Canfield.

Recently, my dad faced a life-threatening medical condition which was diagnosed as an autoimmune disease. Learning as much as I can about this condition now.

Interesting book that provides insights into how the brain works and offers practical advice for improving productivity, learning, and overall well-being.

Julian Mantle's journey in this book teaches us that true fulfillment comes from within, not from external achievements. Julian's decision to leave his old life behind reminds us of the power of embracing change and seeking personal growth. Here are some important lessons from this book.

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Lawyer turned Artist Visionary Curator & Gallerist. Empowering self-love and joy through art & words. www.innerjoyart.com 馃挐 Instagram : dymphna.art


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