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Trial Projects

Trial Projects

To know compatibility for projects with someone. You have to try to work with them on some project

Take small project and try to work with them on this.

Have a time line usually 2-4 weeks. And check who owns it to the end.

Also , in the end like any choice in life . You will need to take a leap of faith.


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In the startup world, finding co-founder is very critical. The following stash provide guidelines to do it effectively. This stash is summary of video of Y combinator .

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Overcoming project fatigue on long projects

Working on a project with no visible end in sight is like running a race without knowing where the finish line is.

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Building trust and collaboration

  1. Start with small pairings -- so that they can have a little bit of psychological safety with the other person
  2. Give them a small project that they both can work on 
  3. Eventually, try to merge the small pairing with another pair to collaborate on ideas and enhance what they've do...

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