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What is Grit?

What is Grit?

So if you have talent and good ideas, you are only 1% ahead of the others. The other 99% is pure commitment, repetition, and other things I will discuss later.

Perseverance is your ability to keep going even when you fail horribly. It is your grit to show up every day and your need to demonstrate you can do everything you want. And you will do anything to reach that goal.

Pretty powerful, don’t you think so?

Those people are unstoppable.


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Grit is a superpower you must learn to succeed in life. Some people learn it when they are young, others need to train. This post is for the latter.

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What is GRIT?

The concept of GRIT can be explained in terms of perseverance. Only perseverance will lead to high achievement. A high achiever never believes that they will ever reach their goals, they are always striving more, and are the exact opposite of complacent, constant...

What is Grit?

What is Grit?

  1. Grit is the perseverance and passion to achieve long–term goals.
  2. Sometimes you will hear grit referred to as mental toughness.
  3. Angela Duckworth, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, suggests that gri...

What Is Grit?

What Is Grit?

  • Grit is the combination of passion (a deep, enduring knowledge of what you want) and perseverance (hard work and resilience).
  •  It’s about moving in a direction with consistency and endurance

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