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Ch.12: Telling The WE Story

Ch.12: Telling The WE Story

The final chapter underscores the power of storytelling to connect people and inspire collective action.

It encourages the creation of a shared narrative that unites and motivates groups or organizations.


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“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.” — Charlie Munger

These concepts, rules, and practices encourage individuals to reframe their thinking and make a positive impact on their lives and those around them.

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Story Telling

Story Telling

Our brain enjoys information in the story format. Because stories are easy to remember and stories connect with the audience by an emotional bond. 

Remember the difference between reporting a story and telling a story. Storytelling is telling the stories with em...

The "engaging" leadership story

Leaders who use this lens think their leadership started when they were compelled to address an urgent need. They took it upon themselves to change unsatisfactory practices: starting a new organization, volunteering to take on a challenge, liaising between groups in conflict.


Example 2:

What are the prospects for reconciling a prejudice reduction model of change, designed to get people to like one another more, with a collective action model of change, designed to ignite struggles to achieve intergroup equality?


Should we try to change society by r...

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