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Ramadan: Islam's holiest month

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Story Telling

Story Telling

Our brain enjoys information in the story format. Because stories are easy to remember and stories connect with the audience by an emotional bond. 

Remember the difference between reporting a story and telling a story. Storytelling is telling the stories with emotion so that you can cast a spell of time distortion and your audience will never know from how much time you are speaking.


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Remembering the words are difficult, Remembering the STORY is easy.



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Be Flexible with Time

Be Flexible with Time

If you have created a speech map then you will be flexible with time. You just need to know how much time will take for each part.

If you need more time then expand any brach in your speech map and add stories and if need to short the talk then just shorten the stories.


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Key & Secondary Objectives

When you know who is your client then decide your objectives - 

  • Key Objectives: If the audience is your client, the key objective will be what is important to you. But if the producer is your client then the key objective will be what is the producer want.


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Vocal Tone

Vocal Tone

First and foremost - DON'T BE MONOTONOUS. The audience will sleep, try to keep interacting with them with your vocal tone.

There are 3 kinds of people

  1. Visual: who prefers to jumping around on the stage and with high vocal tones - like most motiva...


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Keep a Story Journal

Keep a Story Journal

A story journal will help you keep track of your stories. Remember these points for a good story journal

  • Don't write in a paragraph - write just bullet points.
  • Feel the tiny details - don't have to write - you will remember them each time you s...


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F-15 & L-15

  • F-15 stands for the First 15% of your talk. Use more of your fuel in this time, get more attention. In this section try to perform a practiced content with the known result (like - laughter) or may say something like this -

"What I'm going to...


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One Talk Away

One Talk Away

Everyone is ONE TALK AWAY from their huge success and you never know which one is that talk.

Give your very best in each talk because you will never know before that talk that will be going to change your life and others also.


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  • Be relax before the speech.
  • Prepare speech-map.
  • Decide what stories you want to tell.
  • Be flexible with your time.
  • Start with a predictable laugh.
  • Never show your nervousness.


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Know Your Client

If it is your show or you have created the whole thing then your audience is your Client.

But if you are invited to someone's show then the Producer is your client.


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Before the Speech

  1. Visualize the speech in your head, just feel how excited you are and you have given a phenomenal speech - got standup innovation.
  2. Never show your audience that you are nervous - Be Confident.
  3. Be prepared with a speech-map and the sto...


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Stage Effect

Stage Effect

This an unfair advantage to famous speakers, whenever they get on the stage they get a huge amount of attention from the audience without saying anything. But for new speakers, they have to earn it.

According to Eric -

Amount of attraction created = Quality of...


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If you had an EMOTION, it is a STORY.



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Nervousness is simply excitement with a negative expectation.

Excitement is nervousness with positive expectations.



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Speech Map

Speech Map

  1. First, start with WHY? why this talk important. Use F-15.
  2. Go to WHAT? talk about the topic.
  3. Then HOW TO? talk about how this thing can be done.
  4. Finish with WHAT IF? or just like Q & A's.



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Eric edmeades

The people that everybody is paying attention to are the ones we should learn from.



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A learner who loves to share wisdom on personal growth, happiness, and success on Deepstash. Topics include motivation, habits, goals, and mindset. Believes that everyone can achieve their dreams with the right attitude and action.

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Keep a Story Journal

Keep a Story Journal

A story journal will help you keep track of your stories. Remember these points for a good story journal

  • Don't write in a paragraph - write just bullet points.
  • Feel the tiny details - don't have to write - you will remember them each time you s...

How to tell a great story

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