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5 — Fight for what matters to you.

5 — Fight for what matters to you.

My father had many flaws. But not accepting any idea that was different from his was the worst.

He had a hard time trusting people. So he didn’t trust me when I told him I wanted to become a writer.

We fought a lot over this. But I am more stubborn than him — it’s one of my best qualities. So over time, he got more open-minded.

Fighting for my ideas helped me find a strong desire to prove him wrong. So fight for what you value because nobody can tell you what that is.


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Passionate about self-improvement, personal growth, finance, and creativity. I love to inspire people to become the better version of themselves. Author @ www.cosmopolitanmindset.com

I didn’t always have a great relationship with my father. But in the past few years, he taught me how to become the man I want to be. Here are 7 lessons I could never forget.

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