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Opportunity Costs:

Opportunity Costs:

Schwartz talks on how having many of options makes us very conscious of the opportunity costs. When we select one choice over others, we forfeit opportunity costs. The perceived opportunity cost of the option we choose increases when there are more options available. This increased awareness of lost options might cause regret and unhappiness after making a decision.


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'The Paradox of Choice' emphasizes the negative impact of overwhelming options, suggesting that understanding maximizer or satisficer decision-making styles can enhance resource management, cultural sensitivity, and sustainable consumption.

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Opportunity Cost Calculations

Many people and organizations fail to take into account the various opportunity costs.

  • We need to actively question ourselves about the alternatives that may be missed out by deciding on a particular option.
  • The often neglected cost of waiting too long is also a ...

Learn to Evaluate Life Choices Via the Lens of Opportunity Costs

  • You live in a world where you must therefore make choices. You cannot avoid regret since there are opportunity costs for every choice you will make.
  • Everything in life is about opportunity costs. Every time you say “yes” to a choice, you are also saying “no” to everything else you ...

Overestimating Opportunity Cost

Certain external constraints make us overestimate the opportunity cost, as we start to imagine all the foregone options as a missed opportunity and start to see the situation irrationally. This can cause a negative emotional and psychological reaction, like regret.

The opportunity cost i...

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