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"The Enchiridion" by Epictetus is a manual of Stoic philosophy, offering practical advice on how to live a virtuous life.

"Incognito" offers a fascinating exploration of the brain's mysteries and their profound implications for our understanding of human behavior, decision-making, and consciousness. It challenges traditional notions of free will and opens up a dialogue about the hidden forces that shape our lives.

“When You’re the One Who Cheats” offers a comprehensive guide for those who have cheated, encompassing self-reflection, accountability, trust-building, communication, personal growth, seeking professional help, and the difficult but necessary process of moving forward. These principles form the foundation for healing, growth, and the pursuit of healthier, more authentic relationships.

"The Iron Cage" provides a nuanced and comprehensive historical perspective on the Palestinian struggle for statehood, offering readers a deep understanding of the multifaceted factors and complexities involved in this enduring conflict.

"Stoicism and Emotion" is a book written by Margaret Graver that explores the ancient philosophy of Stoicism and its relationship with emotions. The book delves into how Stoic thinkers, such as Seneca and Epictetus, approached and understood emotions, emphasizing self-control, rationality, and the pursuit of virtue as key aspects of Stoic philosophy. Graver's work provides a valuable analysis of Stoicism's views on emotions and their practical application in everyday life.

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