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Seeking Truth

Seeking Truth

"Truth is a direction, not a destination."

The pursuit of truth is ongoing.

Businesses that consistently seek the truth adapt better to changing markets and customer needs.


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With 25 years in marketing, brand strategy, and mental fitness coaching, I focus on societal change, self-mastery, and fostering community to build a regenerative Africa. "The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion." - Paulo Coelho

Liminal thinking is important because it enhances problem-solving, communication, personal growth, adaptability, and innovation by challenging existing beliefs and fostering empathy and open-mindedness.

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Markets and pragmatic truth

Pragmatic truth exists in addition to the absolute (scientific) one. Pragmatic truth deals with the practical subjective experience. This is what markets are good for. 

Markets generate 3 forms of pragmatic truth:

  1. Price: collective subjective demand of humani...

4. Seeking Wisdom

4. Seeking Wisdom

The pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong endeavor. Each experience, each encounter, contributes to the tapestry of wisdom. The commitment to continuously seek understanding elevates our consciousness and broadens the scope of our perceptions.

- Seeking knowledge is a lifelong journey...

System Thinking

System Thinking

Businesses are systems that take ideas or requests through various steps to satisfy their customers and reach their goals. Delivering customer value or business value is something you can hear a lot in the business agility domain.

Like clock parts working in tandem, businesses need to ensur...

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