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The Power of Will

The Power of Will

Will is our internal power, which can never be affected by the outside world.

Our inner resolve is a source of strength.

A company's internal culture and conviction can drive it forward even in tough external circumstances.


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With 25 years in marketing, brand strategy, and mental fitness coaching, I focus on societal change, self-mastery, and fostering community to build a regenerative Africa. "The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion." - Paulo Coelho

The ideas in "The Obstacle Is The Way" are important to read because they provide valuable insights on turning adversity into opportunity and achieving personal growth.

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The Resilience of the Human Spirit

The Resilience of the Human Spirit

The human spirit is remarkably resilient, capable of enduring even the most difficult challenges. It allows us to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger and more determined.

In the face of adversity, we discover strength and courage we didn't know we had, ...

Will Power

Will Power

Will power is the ability to control oneself. Low willpower is the reason for lack of concentration. The level of willpower and concentration can highly affect our lives, which can be easily understood by the Marshmallow test (you can read about it from the internet).

4. Detachment from External Events

4. Detachment from External Events

• Individuals should cultivate a sense of detachment from external events and focus instead on their own inner state on oachieve a greater sense of peace and equanimity.

• Our emotions and reactions should not be dictated by external events but rather by our own rational judgments.

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