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Planning In Advance

Planning In Advance

Your mind, your ability to think, plan, and decide, is your most powerful tour for overcoming procastination.

Six P formula:

  1. proper prior planning
  2. prevents poor performance


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These ideas help me to reduce procastination

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Plan Your Day The Night Before

Proper planning prevents poor performance. Therefore, as part of my evening routine, I always plan the next day in great detail using my productivity planner . This one practice has at least tripled my daily productivity.

As pa...

Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

Life is unpredictable, but planning is still important. Use your phone's calendar and to-do list, or install an app to create daily and weekly plans:

  • Plan even for small errands.
  • Keep in mind that things take longer than you expect.
  • Block chunks of time, or...

Investment Related

Investment Related

  • Have a six month emergency fund and save 10% of your salary.
  • The ability to stick around for a long time, without wiping or being forced to give up is what makes the biggest difference.
  • Your success as an investor will be determined by how you respond to punctuated moments of...

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