2 — Use the strength of waterfalls (2) - Deepstash
2 — Use the strength of waterfalls (2)

2 — Use the strength of waterfalls (2)

  1. List of all your tasks and their deadlines.
  2. Group together tasks with close deadlines into waves. Closeness might be one or two months, depending on your job. But avoid prolonged periods since they will make you lose track of your progress.
  3. Start working on the first wave. You have as much time as the length of each wave. But usually, you will have to use the last quarter of the time for refining, testing, and feedback.
  4. You can start with the following wave if you finish before the limit. Otherwise, move some of the tasks to the next wave.


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As a software developer, I worked with many scheduling templates. Here are give of them that could help you achieve any goal you want.

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