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4. Involve the audience

4. Involve the audience

Play games with them. Invite people to guess the answers to questions, or to predict the results of research — before you reveal them. 


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5 tips to help your presentation have a lasting impact on the audience.

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The Value Of Data

Once you have the results of your market research, it could allow your company to scale more quickly and mitigate risks along the way. New insights may reveal problematic pathways or negative perceptions of your company but could also reveal where there is white space and an opportunity for growt...

The right question

People in crisis are often emotional and incoherent. 

Questions with “Yes” or “No” answers are very useful for getting information quickly.

With more subtle questions, give a "menu" of at least three possible answers to avoid the question being misinterpreted.

Situations Reveal you

Situations Reveal you

Situations, even the simulated games, reveal ourselves to us, and also aid us to arrive at ideas, answers, and insights we would not have likely arrived at without them. Hence, the fastest way to learn and evolve is to create them.

Life is a game. I created one within the other to deal ...

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