3 – Mix everything with a growth mindset. - Deepstash
3 – Mix everything with a growth mindset.

3 – Mix everything with a growth mindset.

Growth is the third ingredient of the grit recipe, and it is also the most fundamental because it keeps everything together. It is the water of our cake.

You will never learn from your failures without a growth mindset. You will try your hardest, fail, focus on your mistakes, and never learn anything. Then, you will repeat the same errors without any improvements. And you will fail again until you lose patience and quit.

Focus on the lessons you can extract from each experience instead. Every time you finish a complex task, write one thing you learned.


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Grit has been one of my biggest strengths and flaws altogether. I used to have long streaks of routines and consistency. But then, I would abandon everything and return to my old bad habits.

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