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Follower's TRAP

Follower's TRAP

You should look for hearts, not eyeballs.

Stop worrying about how many followers are there, start worrying about the quality of people who follow you.

If you want to gain more followers, you need to be someone who is interesting & worth following. You have to be interested in particular things to be interesting.

Follower's FORMULA- Make stuff you love, talk about that stuff, and you'll automatically attract people who love that stuff. It's that SIMPLE.

Take your fellows through the VAMPIRE TEST (Some people are like Vampires, they take all your energy).

They can't be cured but can be avoided.


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Just another homo-sapien

This is the 2nd book from the Author of "Steal Like An Artist" Austin Kleon. In his previous one, he asked to get ideas from different resources and ways, and in this book he ask us to show your work as a process to public to get more connections.

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Part 2: Six Ways To Make People Like You

Part 2: Six Ways To Make People Like You

🌼 Chapter 1

Become genuinely interested in other people. You make friends much more easily by being interested in them.

🌼 Chapter 2

Smile. It makes people automatically like you.

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Remember people's name. A person's name is, to that person, the sweetest ...

Good Conversation Starters

  • Weather: Major weather events or the immediate weather are good picks.
  • Popular and interesting arts and entertainment topics.
  • Sports: good way for strangers to connect.
  • Daily news: from your city ...

Make Connections

Make Connections

There are plenty of cheap and easy ways to expand your circle and attract people who share your interests.

For example, if you want to write about food, start a food blog and get on social media. Invite friends and followers to share your writing for the chance to win a free cooking gad...

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