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Yet sometimes even this simple task is beyond us.

Without a sign on the door saying whether we should push or pull, even a door can be a challenge. Often, it’s not evident whether to push or pull. If the door is made of glass, has no handle, and the hinges aren’t easy to locate, we can find ourselves pushing a door in vain on the side of the hinges.


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Good design uses human psychology to create products adapted to users’ needs and desires. Human-centered design focuses on creating products for the users, and helps users learn how to use a product, avoid dangerous errors and bring users and technology closer together.

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It is in pushing ourselves beyond thought that we are tapping into a strength not a lot of us are aware even exists. It is in pushing ourselves beyond thought, beyond all the noise and mindless chatter that keeps us held under the belief that we need constant noise and distraction to be someone, ...

Giving attention to your workspace

Giving attention to your workspace

When we want to improve our productivity and output, we frequently overlook the environment where we do our work.

We may be undisciplined about keeping structure in our environments. We may notice when we don't have space to put our papers, so we push them to the side. We...

15. Don’t overlook lubricant.

According to Bencivenga, there’s no shame in using lubricant to satisfy women. “Many guys think that since women get wet, if we aren’t wet, then we aren’t into it,” she says. “That’s not true. Sometimes, whether it’s stress, certain times of the month, or fatigue, women can have a hard time getti...

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